The brand “Alsace Granulés : des entreprises qui s’engagent !” (Alsace Pellets: companies that commit themselves!) was launched in 2012, aiming to promote companies in the wood pellets industry and to spread awareness on this renewable and locally available energy. In order to do so, Alsace Granulés went all out and organised two exceptional days around pellets, on the weekend of 16-17 September 2017 in Urmatt (Grand Est, in the Eastern part of France).

An energy source that offers many advantages

Wood pellets are made mainly from sawdust (without the addition of glue), thus allowing for the valorisation of by-products from wood processing. With a price that depends little on the price of oil, it remains immune to the price fluctuations that affect fossil fuels.

In addition, wood pellets are locally produced and have reduced environmental impacts. They also have a very good energy performance (low humidity, high density). They are mainly used in installations with combustion efficiency bigger than 80%. Moreover, they have the advantage of being easy to use, thanks to the automated operation of the heaters. Finally, they give a positive contribution to the regional economy, involving many local players in the wood energy sector.

An event organised by local professionals

It is on the initiative of the national inter-branch organisation of pellets, PROPELLET France, that the Alsatian pellet actors, structured within Alsace Granulés, organised a festive event in the Bruche Valley. The Siat-Braun sawmill in Urmatt hosted this event at its pellet production site. Siat-Braun is member of the Brussels-based European Organization of the Sawmill Industry (EOS).

A varied program, for adults and children

Throughout the weekend 2500 people were able to visit the Siat-Braun wood pellet production unit, offering the exceptional opportunity to visit a local company that has been rooted in Alsace for nearly 200 years. Furthermore, the event brought together professionals from throughout the Alsatian pellet sector as well as companies that are partners in the forest-wood sector.

“Alsace Granulés : des entreprises qui s’engagent” brings together producers / suppliers of pellets, manufacturers / distributors of stoves and boilers, installers, design offices and maintenance and service professionals , which can guide you to optimize your pellet heating.

For more information, you can visit: www.alsacegranulé