On 24th October 2019 a grand opening of a first biomethane production site took place in Czechia.

Czech Republic has a strong biogas sector with more than five hundred biogas plants spread across the country, but the development of a biomethane sector has stalled for many years. The plant is located in Rapotín, Northern Moravia, where the investor, EFG company, has been operating a 500 kW biogas power plant focused on utilizing waste feedstock since 2016. The newly added technology for biomethane upgrading via membrane separation and subsequent injection into the natural gas network cost around 45 mil. CZK (approx. 1.8 mil. EUR). Its is expected that the annual production of biomethane will reach up to 1.3 mil. cubic meters (with the unit capacity of 260-300 normal cubic meters per hour).

The first biomethane plant started its operation right at the same time when the Czech government is finalizing a new biomethane production support scheme. Many hope that a new era for biogas and biomethane industry in Czechia is just around the corner.



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