The company Industrias Conserveras Orbe, one of the leading canning companies in the province of Pontevedra (ES), inaugurated its new facilities this past April after 18 months of continuous work. This factory is dedicated to the production of canned foods, producing 25 million tins of seafood, shellfish and fish products per year. 60% of the final products are sold in Spain, while the rest reaches markets including the USA, Germany, the UK, France, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico.

The new factory was a challenge for the company aiming to achieve a cutting-edge facility based on renewable energy and energy savings, yet equipped with the latest canning sector technology. In order to achieve its energy transition, Orbe decided to opt for bioenergy. Its innovative features include a wood chip biomass boiler that offers environmental benefits, with nearly-zero CO2 emissions and a saving of 65% when compared to conventional energy sources. Orbe also worked on energy efficiency with the incorporation of a curtain wall, low-emission glazing and an envelope around the entire premises that allows natural light to enter. The whole system is reinforced with a precise thermal control of the plant. All of this results in significant energy savings for the company, as the company plans to save €657.572 over 12 years.

The biomass boiler is at the center of the process for Orbe as it provides the steam required in the canning process. The company, Aresol Servicios Energéticos, which undertook the installation of a steam biomass boiler manufactured by LSolé, assured a productive capacity of 4.000 kg/hr of steam at a maximum service pressure of 10 bars.

The installation of a remote monitoring system allows oversight of the facility, ensuring its correct operation along with the registration and statistical processing of the main operational parameters. The modulating control means that every parameter is automatically adjusted depending on the demand of the boiler and as such, the system operates continuously within the 30-100% range. In terms of energy consumption, the new biomass installation will achieve an annual savings of 172.840 kWh compared to a traditional installation powered by fossil fuels, due to the improved overall performance of the renewable units.



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