According to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035, Ukraine is going to reduce fossil fuels consumption and increase the share of renewable energy sources in the total primary energy production from 4% (in 2016) to 25% (in 2035). In recent years, biomass has accounted for about 80% of renewable energy in the country, and is expected to remain stable in the future. Therefore, projects that replace fossil fuels (natural gas, coal) with biomass are very popular now in Ukraine and their number will increase in the future. One such successful example of this is the company “Camellia”, which grows flowers in an 11 ha greenhouse.

Established in 1994, the company used to use natural gas for heat production, accounting for 45% of production costs of the grown flowers. When the price of gas started rising in 2013, the company decided to switch to biomass which was less than 5% of production costs of the grown flowers.

To make this happen, “Camellia” installed 2 x 3.5 MW boilers that use wood chips/agro-pellets, and produces heat of 58 GWh/yr. The average price of heat is 40-50 EUR/MWh. The annual amount of biomass fuels needed is 25 kt/yr (fresh) or 70,000 MWh. Among the advantages of such a project is that a reliable local equipment provider has been chosen, and the consumer is located in the area with sufficient available biomass resources. The fuels are purchased from local producers in the form of wood chips, stem wood and straw pellets. “Camellia” is interested yet in further implementation of bioenergy technologies.


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