TTS energo operates three biomass heating plants in Třebíč, a Unesco heritage site in Czechia famous for its uniquely preserved Jewish Quarter. Since 1995, TTS energo has been a leader in using biomass for heating, burning mainly wood chips and straw, and as such depends 90% on bioenergy. It serves almost ten thousand households, hospitals, schools, and local industries and businesses. The central heating system distribution network is almost 40 km long. The biomass is sourced locally and, unlike imported natural gas, the money needed to purchase the fuel stays in the region to support the local economy.

The company expanded to neighbouring Slovakia when the company Národná energetická (which operates ten biomass heating plants) became part of the TTS Group. The TTS Group is also a manufacturer of biomass boilers which are sold not only to Czech customers but also to Slovakia and Ukraine. Recently, there are talks to sell boilers to China.

In 2015 the company established an educational centre, called Alternator, which organises interactive exhibitions and programs focused on climate change, the environment and energy. The centre is open to schools and the public, representing one part of the renewal of a previously abandoned industrial zone, called Borovina, in Třebíč.

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