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43 days of clean energy: bioenergy hits record high in Europe

Brussels, 20/08/2018. Biomass can cover the energy needs of all 28 Member States from November 19th to the end of the year – 43 days, two more than last year. Bioenergy Europe celebrates this achievement with the second edition of its European Bioenergy Day Campaign.

Bioenergy is essential to Europe’s energy needs. By converting the forecasts for Europe’s energy consumption in a calendar format, Bioenergy Europe calculates that Europe relies on fossil and nuclear energy for 293 days in 2018 (January 1st to October 20th). Renewables: 72 days (October 20th to November 19th). Bioenergy alone contributes to an impressive 43 days: from November 19th until December 31st – two extra days of clean energy compared to 2017. Countries like Denmark, Sweden and Hungary have seen a net increase in bioenergy consumption of up to 4 days compared to last year. The symbolic date of November 19th is hence celebrated as the ‘European Bioenergy Day’.

The increased contribution of Europe’s first renewable energy source is surprising when looking back in 2000, when bioenergy was providing as much as 18 days clean energy to Europeans, creating jobs and economic opportunities: one on two Europeans working in renewables is employed in the bioenergy sector – that’s 500.000 jobs, equivalent to employment figures in pharma. While doing so, bioenergy also relieves our continent from its fossil fuel dependency: in 2015 alone, biomass consumption helped saving 32.1MEUR of fossil fuel imports.

The European Bioenergy Day Campaign, led by Bioenergy Europe, aims at informing the public and all relevant energy stakeholders about these and other figures representative of the often-overlooked role bioenergy is playing in Europe. According to Bioenergy Europe, the sector should aspire to move its Bioenergy Day as early as October by 2030, hitting an overall European target of renewable energy production of 32% – with bioenergy continuing playing a central role. “There’s room to deliver more”, says Mr. Jossart, Secretary General of the association “and to do so sustainably. We should all look forward to having the Bioenergy Day earlier every year, signaling a much-needed relief from fossil fuel consumption”.


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Notes for Editors

For more figures, data and infographics visit the campaign’s website.

The campaign is powered by Bioenergy Europe and relayed across Europe by both local and international organisations supporting the belief that bioenergy is a reliable path that will greatly accelerate Europe’s renewable energy transition.