LaTiEsse is today the biggest pellet producer in Italy. Based in Ciamaldolmo (Treviso), the company has put the concept of circular economy at the core of its business model with the “wood from wood” motto.

Within the forest-to-sawmill chain, LaTiEsse intervenes by collecting wood waste to produce pellet, which is then used for heat generation.

In the agricultural industry, the company collects waste from vineyard pruning – to then use it to produce heat for the drying process of the sawdust, which in turn is used to fabricate pellets. The company developed a local supply chain for the collection of vine shoot, involving qualified companies working in the area of the production of the Prosecco DOC and employing around 20 external operators

The plant covers an area of 50.000 m2 where all the pellet processing phases take place: wood chipping, drying, up to the packaging of the final product. Considering the energy demand from the production cycle, in 2013 the company built a biomass cogeneration plant producing 995 kWe and 4.100 kWt, in order to replace the previous methane boiler. Today, the company’s energy consumption is covered by the combustion of biomass.

Between 2013 and 2015, the reduction of methane gas has been drastically reduced from 4.130.391 m3 to 70.099 m3 (-98,3%) and allowed a CO2 emission reduction of 90%, optimizing the energy recovery with the combined heat & power system.

Last but not least, the quality of the pellet produced by LaTiEsse is guaranteed by the ENplus® trademark, the international certification scheme guaranteeing the quality of product from the collection of the raw material to the delivery to the end-user.

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