Colchester Zoo is committed to the conservation and care of wild animals, and also to promoting sustainability and care for the environment through education and leading by example.

In 2014 the Zoo embarked on a programme of decarbonisation of their heat load by the introduction of a number of containerised biomass boilers across their extensive site near Colchester. The intention was to create a carbon neutral heat load, reduce emissions and improve sustainability.

Colchester Zoo uses biomass to provide heat and hot water to the chimps, bears, lions and lorikeets. The most recent biomass installation heats a total 5 areas across the Zoo including the new admissions and ticket office, play area, Kalahari theatre and animal kitchen, keeping the Zoo’s visitors, staff and animals warm

LC Energy, one of the UK’S leading suppliers of biomass energy, installed two Austrian ETA e-PE-K 120kw biomass boilers in a containerised solution at Colchester Zoo in April 2019. The boilers were the first ePE-Ks in the UK to be fitted with electrostatic precipitators ensuring no emissions, fumes or smoke. The containerised solution was constructed off site, delivered and fully up and running all within 10 weeks, ideal for commercial operations and for small local heating networks.

In October 2020, LC Energy initiated the replacement of further three 42kW EcoPower EK4000 boilers located in the Otters, Butterflies and Heart of the Amazon areas. Based on the existing boiler sizing, the proposed wood pellet heating solutions for each of the areas is an ETA PC 50kW boiler with a new 600-litre buffer tank to give an overall 20% uplift in kW output and 280kg of pellet capacity which represents between 2 and 5 days of storage for each boiler.

The proposal comprises removal of each existing boiler, supply, installation (including connection to the existing pipework and flue) and commissioning of each boiler but excludes the disposal of the old boilers. Each boiler installation will include a new buffer tank, magna clean, pressurisation unit, remote access and monitoring capability.

The installation programme has been established to allow continuous heating during the switch over from old to new systems to protect the animals.

LC Energy is a registered ENPlus pellet trader delivering premium quality ENPlus A1 wood pellet fuel on demand. LC Energy is also accredited by Good Chips, the internationally recognised wood chip accreditation, awarded to LC Energy in 2019.

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